An Intermission of Sorts

Yes, I am still around here... somewhere. I suppose it is best to say that I've been on what the kids call a 'side quest' if I am using the term correctly. While performing one of those pivot maneuvers, the idea of which I was so causal in flaunting about in my last post, my wife and I ended up pausing and reordering quite a few of the details swirling about us and our family. My clever plot to jump on a parallel professional course rather quickly mutated into something of a perpendicular arrangement - and so far, we are all better off for it.

After taking a few weeks off to travel with my wife and kids while kicking off the tail end of what I will call 'eight years of predictably chaotic jet-lag', I am safely back in school and life has returned to a much missed five-to-nine cadence. Children flourish upon a platform built on routine and stability and while occasionally hectic as I settle into it, my new schedule has allowed me to contribute to our home life in a much more meaningful manner. It has also encouraged me to start to be much more mindful of my responsibilities and I seem to be budgeting my time accordingly without realizing it. I know, it's weird. I don't get it either; I am just glad to have a few easy wins once in a while. Maybe I am just building off the starched sense of punctuality I was gifted... whatever. But my point is, without feeling particularly old most days, I know that I have grown.

Classes have been what I expected them to be. One class, English Comp, has already offered both useful insight and a practical challenge and I hope to take more than the cost of credits away from it come June. But it's more reading and writing than I am use too, through topics and perspectives that I probably would have not wasted a single curled eyebrow on. I see the utility of such explorations, and it while they are welcome, they are not exactly always easy. 

But I'd be silly to try to pass any of this on to explain why I haven't been posting. Truthfully, I just needed to be a part of the background noise for a few moments to sort of get a baseline sense of my surroundings and bearings, if you follow. And during that time I did write, but every time I sat to do so, a selfishly spawned pet fiction project that I have picked at over the years ended up poking out. Yeah, it's still going nowhere fast).

So I am going to shoot for one post a week here. Let's see how it goes. And while I prep shakes for my wife and I, please be distracted by the following video and know that I've got more for ya soon....

Video used with permission.
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