Chow Down

If I mention a product or service in a post or provide a link to somewhere, I do so because it's a reflection of how this road is unfolding for me and not because I'm collecting nickles from click-through traffic. I like to give a well deserved nod to those that I believe in from time to time. I'm not necessarily opposed to turning a dime by way of writing - as a matter of fact I write a bit of fiction as a hobby - but monetizing has never the goal with this blog.

That said, I made a spur of the moment inquire to the good folks at Keto Chow a few weeks ago by entering a silly, one sentence request and a link to my fat melting plan into the chat window on their website. I didn't really think much of it. I work in technology and, hey, you never know if you're talking to a scripted chat-bot or a third-party fulfillment center with quotas to fill, in which case an unsolicited link to anywhere would almost certainly be filtered out as spam. In any case, I surmised that if someone did end up reading about my fondness for their products, it might widen my audience by at least one view.

Come to find out, the staff at Keto Chow are definitely not evil chat robots, nor do they employ one. No, I was contact by a representative that recognized the humanity in this journey and admired me admiring their products. And a week later, I was greeted by a token of their support, packaged and delivered directly to this (slightly less fat) Fat Man Caving's home. How awesome is that?

So, what's in the box, you might ask? Like I wasn't going to tell you. Please.

My wife grabbed the new teal BlenderBottle and the Caramel Macchiato shake mix before I could snap a picture. Pro tip: Oranges are not a part of a ketogenic diet. Photo by me

In my mind, I envisioned a few stickers or swaggy promotional items would land in my mailbox and I'd get a warm fuzzy feeling for plugging a product in my diet plan post. Alas, as my wife will testify thus, when I am wrong, I am, flat dead out in left field wrong. In addition to a new Keto Chow Essentials Starter Kit, I found a grab bag of single meal shake mixes. Two of my favorites, Cookies and Cream and Raspberry Cheesecake were represented and reinforce by Lemon Meringue, Key Lime and Peaches and Cream, all of which I have never tried. Variety is always good thing, especially when meal planning around the separate 2.5 square meals we cook for the kids daily. Keto Chow shakes are a quick-to-prep, reliably nutrient meal that costs less per serving than any of the convenience junk one can pick up on their way to work. It's a fact. You can believe me, or you can continue to drop deep fried hash browns between your legs on the freeway at 7 AM. Choose a good day, OK?

As I said, I am not a new consumer of this product, but for those who might be interested in flirting with the idea of changing their eating habits into this lane should put some serious consideration into purchasing a Keto Chow Essentials Starter Kit. This is how my wife and I dove in a few years back after being introduce to the notion of a ketogenic diet but without any real idea how to start. So each of us purchased a kit containing a sample of flavors and a BlenderBottle. We found out quickly that we each had a preference for not only flavor, but the added fat ( she likes avocado oil, I much prefer heavy cream) and refrigeration time (hint: they're much better when prepped the night before).

A table on the instructional card included in with the mixes gives measurements for added fat, according to your daily caloric goals. I added an Apple Pie mix that my mother in law gave me to offset the sad, empty Caramel Macchiatto mix that I my wife seized on delivery. I am told this is her new fav! I plan on making one of the Key Lime mixes into popcicles...

A fair amount of a ketogenic diet, I've found, is taking a few moments a week to engineer your food intake to meet your specific requirements. And just like every building or bridge is constructed to suit a particular problem or need from smaller, prefabricated pieces, Keto Chow allows you to maximize both time & materials in an already busy day with the same level of forethought. And they are delicious!

And you guys at Keto Chow, you're the bestest! You have no idea how much your gift raised my spirits on an otherwise stupendously cruddy day. Keep up the good work! 

** The preceding words are a record of my personal journey and are not intended to replace or circumvent any recommend guidance provided by your health care provider. Before starting any life changing endeavor, such as a diet and/or exercise regimen, please start by having an honest conversation with your doctor. Links and references to products and services are unaffiliated - I don't make a dime from this blog. Don't be stupid - always be over prepared and never hike or cave alone. Oh and please don't ask for cave locations. Believe me, if I can find them, so can you. **


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