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An Intermission of Sorts

Yes, I am still around here... somewhere. I suppose it is best to say that I've been on what the kids call a 'side quest' if I am using the term correctly. While performing one of those pivot maneuvers, the idea of which I was so causal in flaunting about in my last post, my wife and I ended up pausing and reordering quite a few of the details swirling about us and our family. My clever plot to jump on a parallel professional course rather quickly mutated into something of a perpendicular arrangement - and so far, we are all better off for it. After taking a few weeks off to travel with my wife and kids while kicking off the tail end of what I will call 'eight years of predictably chaotic jet-lag', I am safely back in school and life has returned to a much missed five-to-nine cadence. Children flourish upon a platform built on routine and stability and while occasionally hectic as I settle into it, my new schedule has allowed me to contribute to our home life in a m